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1The Impact of Seasonal Variation of Phytoncides and Negative Air Ions on the Human Comfort Index: Implications for Planning Forest Therapy at LienhuachihYing-Ju Chen, Shun-Ying Chen, Pei-Jung Wang2024VOL.39.NO.1(2024)
2Leaf Growth Characteristics and Leaf Positions of Different Shade-tolerant Tree Species with Potential Light-Saturated Photosynthetic RatesYau-Lun Kuo, Yu-Chieh Kuo2024VOL.39.NO.1(2024)
3Comparisons of Leaf Water Potential and Photosynthesis of Understory Shade-tolerant Saplings at the Duona Landslide Site During the Rainy and Dry SeasonsAn-Ching Chung, Yau-Lun Kuo2024VOL.39.NO.1(2024)
4A DNA Barcode-Based Survey of Forest Beekeeping Pollen PlantsYi-Shan Chao, Young-Fa Chen2024VOL.39.NO.1(2024)
5Using Spatial Analysis to Assess Stand Uniform Index in a Chamaecyparis formosensis PlantationChi-Hua Chang, Chaur-Tzuhn Chen, Chun-Hung Wei2024VOL.39.NO.1(2024)
6Habitat Preference of Ground Dwelling Coleopteran Larvae in Urban ForestsYung-Jen Lu, Rong-Ci Chang, Chien-Yu Lin, Chiao-Ping Wang2023VOL.38.NO.4(2023)
7Thermal Comfort Improvement between Two Urban Parks with Different Vegetation StructuresJin-Fu Li, Hsiang-Hua Wang, Yu-Hsuan Liu, Yu-Ting Shih2023VOL.38.NO.4(2023)
8Evaluation of the Quality of Measurement of Diameter at Breast Height of TreesChyi-Rong Chiou, Chi-Ching Huang2023VOL.38.NO.4(2023)
9Providing Management Strategies for Conservation and Recreation through Environmental Sound Resources: A case study of Danongdafu Forest ParkChung-Peng Hsu, Shu-Wei Fu Shu-Ying Wang, Pei-Jung Wang2023VOL.38.NO.4(2023)
10Drying Increases Sucrose Contents in the Desiccation-Tolerant Fern Parahemionitis arifolia (Burm.f.) PanigrahiMei-Hwei Tseng, Yea-Chen Liu, Yao-Moan Huang2023VOL.38.NO.4(2023)