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  • Date:2023-08-01
Test Methods and Standards

Test and implement for physical properties in wood-based materials is examined and adopted according to Article X of the law of Fees. The physical properties of wood-based materials include physical and strength properties. There are some Chinese National Standards. For examples,

  1. Wood – determination of density for physical and mechanical tests (CNS 451),
  2. Wood – determination of moisture content for physical and mechanical tests (CNS 452),
  3. Wood – determination of compression properties (CNS 453),
  4. Wood – determination of static bending properties (CNS 454),
  5. Wood- determination ultimate sheering stress parallel to grain (CNS 455),
  6. Wood – determination of impact bending strength (CNS 457),
  7. Wood – determination of longitudinal, radial and tangential shrinkage (CNS 459),
  8. Wood – determination of hardness (CNS 460),
  9. And Others (CNS) .

Tested items are sampled and tested primarily according to the principle of Chinese National Standard (CNS) and other scientific methods. For more information, please check the CNS rules for wood-based material test. If needed, please contact Dr. Cheng-Jung Lin (tel:02-2303-9978#2604, fax:02-2303-5738, E-mail address:Send a Email to Dr. Cheng-Jung Lin).