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  • Date:2012-06-11

During Japan’s reign over Taiwan, the TFRI library was established by the Forestry Department, a division of the Institute of Science. It has now been in existence for over 80 years. By the end of the Japanese occupation, the library had acquired 2172 books in Japanese and Chinese and 2049 in western languages.

The library was originally located in Taipei Botanical Garden but moved to the 4th floor of the Forestry Research Building when it opened in 1974. After the move, a more systematic way of categorizing the books, periodicals and catalogues in the library was adopted. In 1993, construction of the Forestry Technical Service building was completed and the 5th floor was designated the library. This made way for the library’s second move, re-opening on January 6th of the following year, the day of the 99th anniversary of the TFRI. The new library has a floor area of 550m2 and is has a reading room and a periodicals room. It currently employs four members of staff.

Currently the library consists of 2 units, a reading room and periodical room, with a collection of almost 30,000 catalogued books, and more than 60,000 periodicals in Chinese, Japanese, and various western languages. Abstract and full-text services are offered through subscription to electronic databases to the research staff of the institute.

Opening hours:
Morning: 08:30-11:30
Afternoon: 13:30-16:30